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      Established in 1987,Zhejiang EDL Caster Co.,Ltd is a modern enterprise which specialized in producing wheels and casters with an area of 25,000 square meters . With an enterprise concept     Practicality,Progress,Harmoniousness,Coexistance,We conce-ntrate on developing new products and incessantly exploiting domestic and overseas market,relying on advanced production and test equipment profess-ional craftsmanship and scientific management. There are General,Precision,Special type with 20 kinds of series, more than 2000 specifications, which are widely used in industry transporting, medical instruments, furniture fields. Now our products have been spread over each region in homeland ,and exported to more than twenty countries and districts of European, American and Southeastern Asia market,
         We have gained ISO9001:2000and ISO14000 Certificate

        Partners from home and abroad are warmly welcomed to cooperate with us for prosperious future!

    易得力腳輪上海辦事處 2013-4-26
    易得力腳輪上海辦事處 2013-4-26
    易得力腳輪上海辦事處 2013-4-26
    易得力腳輪上海辦事處 2013-4-26
    易得力腳輪上海辦事處 2013-4-26

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